Friday, March 24, 2017

Medicinal Value Of Food And Nutrients

The FDA has a Ruling that states that you can,t claim that food ,nutrients or herbs can prevent or cure a disease.If you do make such claims then that substance would be considered a drug and would have to under go the same testing as drugs.This ruling is essentially to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.Many foods have natural medicinal value,and many drugs are isolated  from natural herbs.The FDA should let the nutrition industry use the latest scientific evidence  as the standard.There are many foods that help keep you healthy and prevent disease.Some examples are:Blueberries for brain function,fish oil for heart health,cherry juice for bladder frequency.Many herbs and vitamins help keep you healthy for example:Celery Seed helps keep your system alkaline,Alpha Lipoic is a stong antioxident and helps reconstitute Glutathione,Schizandra helps protect the Liver.Natural treatment helps give us control of our health.Contact your legislator to change this unfair policy.Natural treatment is the cheapest and easiest way to control health care costs.


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