Sunday, February 10, 2013

FDA Abuse Of Power

When the Diet and Supplement Act was passed in 1994,it was supposed to protect your right to buy
vitamins,herbs,and nutraseuticals.The FDA has always had a bias against natural healing.They have done everything possible to make hard to practice preventive care with diet,exercise herbs and vitamins.The way they have gotten around the Diet and Supplement Act is throught regulation.The two Senators who sponsored the DSA said the FDA was violating the law,the FDA ignored them.One example of how they use regulation to get around the law:if a pharmaceutical company publishes a paper  on  a nutritional ingredient the FDA blocks your access to that nutrient.You are not supposed to be able to patent a natural substance,but  the FDA lets big Pharma do it anyway to protect  profit.

This is part of  a larger problem where America  is a oligarchy that is controlled by lobbyists  representing the government,the military and big business(especially international bankers).America is broke ,we are running trillion dollar deficits every year.As the debt grows so does the interest,that has to be paid  first or we default.

We must elect representatives that represent the people not the plutocracy.We must pass a balanced budget and live within our means We also need a new monetary system,we have to get rid of fractional reserve banking.We need a system based on real value( eg : Gold), Not just creating debt.

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