Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finding Peace

In these stressful,sometimes chaotic times it is important to have some peace.We all need quiet time every day to get  in touch with something bigger than ourselves.If you believe in formal religion you might take the quiet time to feel the presence of a higher power and to prey.If  you are more spiritual than religious,you might meditate.When you sit quietly and watch your breath,you become aware of your feelings.Get in tune with your feelings,if you are not living in harmony with your core values you might feel anxiety or uneasyness.Nature is letting you know that you need to make an adjustment.
Diet is important to to a feeling of peace.Many people eat to many processed foods which tend to make us feel uncomfortable.Many people consume to much sweets,coffee and artificial sweeteners which over stimulates  and causes stress.
Exercise is important,we create endorphins that help  keep us  peaceful and to feel less pain.Movement  helps keep us flexible and works off stress.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Real State of the Union

Many people I talk to can,t believe that the U.S.A is really broke.They think we are the richest country on Earth.Over 60 %  of our budget is financed by selling Treasury Bonds,that is debt that has to be payed back in the future.Real wages have been dropping for 10 years.Most peoples net worth is lower than before the recession.We are spending money on questionable wars we can,t afford,playing into the hands of the terrorists and China who have stated they are going to break us financially.The government claims the military budget is around 760 billion,That figure is not truthful because we spend that much again on secret black ops.

You can,t have 2 unfunded wars and A trillion dollar bailout without cutting costs and raising taxes.The 90,s are over we have to learn to live within our means,that includes the government and the military.The military says we can,t  afford to cut the military budget,we spend more than the next 15 military largest military budgets put together.Money spent on the military benefits the super wealthy.Money spent on general goods and services benefit all.

We all have to pull together to restore America  to greatness.