Monday, May 7, 2012

Photons of Energy

The Universe is composed of energy.All energy has consciousness,so the universe is composed of pure conscious energy.By being still  and breathing slowly and deeply  and focusing our awareness on pure consciousness we become aware of our nature as Infinite Being.When we reach this state of mindfulness our worldly concerns fall away and we become   our true nature.This does not take away from your religious beliefs,it helps you to be one with Spirit.When God appeared before Moses He told Moses I am that I am.I am denotes  being.Being is consciousness,consciousness is Spirit.When you are in harmony with the Word(Gods spoken consciousness) Gods promises start to work in your life.Do not dismiss this as against your religion.There is no religion only the creative essence man calls God.Religion is the dogma man has codified  to symbolize his belief in God.If humanity knew the Spirit instead of dogma,there would be no war,no hatred,no bigotry and we would all Love one another.Take quiet time to contemplate:Divine Love,Jesus,Devine Being.Do not just dismiss this out of  hand.Take time to contemplate Gods word.Be Still and know I AM God.   Be Still and hear the Word of God.

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