Sunday, April 22, 2012

Natural Health

I have been practicing natural health /medicine for over 40 years.I eat a healthy diet centered around vegtables,fruit,nuts seeds and berries.I supplement with vitamins,herbs and minerals.I workout in some form daily(weight lifting,aerobics,martial arts,qigong,yoga,pranayama etc.I have boundless energy and am strong and healthy.Most people think I look 10 to 15 years younger than my real age.I have spent many years studying natural health.I very rarely get sick,but if I do get sick I treat most conditions with natural treatments.There is a huge threat on the horizon to my ability to treat myself.The threats are Codex Alimentarius and NDI.Codex under the guise of setting international food and nutrition standards would take most vitamins and herbs off the market.Most of this was written under the influence of big pharma.They see vitamins and herbs as a threat to their profit.Because Codex is a UN ruling it supercedes our Law.NDI is in the works by the FDA,it is trying to subvert the intent Of the Diet And Supplement Act of 1994.The intent of the Act was to gurantee your right to healthy vitamins and herbs.Contact your legislators to get these threats to your right to choose for yourself changed.

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