Friday, February 3, 2012

erosion of your rights

As the big players gain more and more control(the military, industrial complex),our rights are being eroded.This is accomplished in many ways.Since the supreme court passed the public citizen ruling the door has been opened for the super pacs.They can make unlimited contributions to make sure politicians pass laws that are favorable to their interests.Since the average person cannot afford the large contributions corporations and the super rich make, they they do not get the same representation. Many government agencies are protecting the interests of the big corporations instead of the general population.The SEC shredded the investigations of Wall street,not one person went to prison.The FDA is trying to push NDI, which would cut back access to healthy vitamins and herbs.The government is secretly and stealthly pressing Codex Alimentarius.This is a UN ruling that violates your sovereign right to purchase vitamins and herbs.The real intent is to protect the profits of the drug companies.The rich are getting richer at our expense.We must stop greedy politicians passing laws that hurt America and strangle the middle class

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