Saturday, February 25, 2012

Becoming Aware

With the rise of plutocracy in the United States it is easy to get cynical.The big players control the media ,so we have defacto censorship.The dollar is losing value.Our representives are gridlocked.Much of the gridlock is caused by the lobbists that represent the interests of big money.The Pentagon trys to build fear of terrorism to justify increasing budgets.Government agencies (eg. FDA,SEC) are corrupted by the big money interests,and do not protect the people.With all this it is easy to become hypnotized by outer appearances,and lose sight of Divine Essence.The Universe is a world of law,and will only let things get just so far out of balance before its brings the world back to balance.Take time to be still and let divinity guide you.Practice Loving /Kindness,feel compassion for all Beings.Practice the Golden Rule.Live with character.Don,t hate the greedy evil people that are trying to destroy this country ,focus your Love on Divinity .Divinity alone will restore balance.

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