Saturday, December 15, 2012

Amazing Book I Just Read

I just finished reading  The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.I was only into the book about 20 pages and my blood was boiling.The book tells the story of the Federal Reserve and how it came into existence.The federal reserve is really a quasi government agency.In reality it is a banking cartel that is out to protect the interests of the major banks ,not the interests of the people of  the United States.They are well on the way to bankrupting the country.At the end of the book the author outlines  the steps we must take to save the country.I was furious all the way throught the book,I never imagined the level of corruption,its beyond my wildest imagination.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

       food as the best medicine


Many times when I have minor health problems I treat them with food .Some examples are as follows.

Tart Cherries for over active bladder

Ginger as A anti-inflammatory

Celery and Cherries for gout

Cranberries and D-Mannose for bladder infections

Peppermint Oil  on temples for headaches

Asparagus for kidney health

Dandelions for Liver and Gall bladder

Lemon  juice to detox Liver

Bananas ,Brown Rice for Diarrhea

Tea Tree Oil  for skin infection

Green Tea anti-inflammator

I have used  all of these with success at one time or another                                                          

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finding Peace

In these stressful,sometimes chaotic times it is important to have some peace.We all need quiet time every day to get  in touch with something bigger than ourselves.If you believe in formal religion you might take the quiet time to feel the presence of a higher power and to prey.If  you are more spiritual than religious,you might meditate.When you sit quietly and watch your breath,you become aware of your feelings.Get in tune with your feelings,if you are not living in harmony with your core values you might feel anxiety or uneasyness.Nature is letting you know that you need to make an adjustment.
Diet is important to to a feeling of peace.Many people eat to many processed foods which tend to make us feel uncomfortable.Many people consume to much sweets,coffee and artificial sweeteners which over stimulates  and causes stress.
Exercise is important,we create endorphins that help  keep us  peaceful and to feel less pain.Movement  helps keep us flexible and works off stress.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Real State of the Union

Many people I talk to can,t believe that the U.S.A is really broke.They think we are the richest country on Earth.Over 60 %  of our budget is financed by selling Treasury Bonds,that is debt that has to be payed back in the future.Real wages have been dropping for 10 years.Most peoples net worth is lower than before the recession.We are spending money on questionable wars we can,t afford,playing into the hands of the terrorists and China who have stated they are going to break us financially.The government claims the military budget is around 760 billion,That figure is not truthful because we spend that much again on secret black ops.

You can,t have 2 unfunded wars and A trillion dollar bailout without cutting costs and raising taxes.The 90,s are over we have to learn to live within our means,that includes the government and the military.The military says we can,t  afford to cut the military budget,we spend more than the next 15 military largest military budgets put together.Money spent on the military benefits the super wealthy.Money spent on general goods and services benefit all.

We all have to pull together to restore America  to greatness.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Medicinal Value Of Food And Nutrients

The FDA has a ruling that states that you can,t claim that food, nutrients or herbs can prevent or cure a disease. If you do make such claims then that substance would be considered a drug andwould have to under go the same testing as drugs.This ruling is essentially to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.Many foods have natural medicinal value,and many drugs are isolated from natural herbs. The FDA should let the nutrition industry use thelatest scientific evidence as the standard.There are many foods that help keep you healthy and prevent disease.some examples are:Blueberries for brain function,frish oil for heart health,cherry juice for blabber frequency.Many herbs and vitamins help keep you healthy eg.Celery Seed helps keep your system alkaline,Alpha Lipoic is a strong antioxident and helps reconstitute Glutathione,Schizandra helps protect the Liver.Natural treatment helps give us control of our health.Contact your legislator to change this unfair policy. Natural treatment is the cheapest and easiest way to control health care costs.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Photons of Energy

The Universe is composed of energy.All energy has consciousness,so the universe is composed of pure conscious energy.By being still  and breathing slowly and deeply  and focusing our awareness on pure consciousness we become aware of our nature as Infinite Being.When we reach this state of mindfulness our worldly concerns fall away and we become   our true nature.This does not take away from your religious beliefs,it helps you to be one with Spirit.When God appeared before Moses He told Moses I am that I am.I am denotes  being.Being is consciousness,consciousness is Spirit.When you are in harmony with the Word(Gods spoken consciousness) Gods promises start to work in your life.Do not dismiss this as against your religion.There is no religion only the creative essence man calls God.Religion is the dogma man has codified  to symbolize his belief in God.If humanity knew the Spirit instead of dogma,there would be no war,no hatred,no bigotry and we would all Love one another.Take quiet time to contemplate:Divine Love,Jesus,Devine Being.Do not just dismiss this out of  hand.Take time to contemplate Gods word.Be Still and know I AM God.   Be Still and hear the Word of God.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Natural Health

I have been practicing natural health /medicine for over 40 years.I eat a healthy diet centered around vegtables,fruit,nuts seeds and berries.I supplement with vitamins,herbs and minerals.I workout in some form daily(weight lifting,aerobics,martial arts,qigong,yoga,pranayama etc.I have boundless energy and am strong and healthy.Most people think I look 10 to 15 years younger than my real age.I have spent many years studying natural health.I very rarely get sick,but if I do get sick I treat most conditions with natural treatments.There is a huge threat on the horizon to my ability to treat myself.The threats are Codex Alimentarius and NDI.Codex under the guise of setting international food and nutrition standards would take most vitamins and herbs off the market.Most of this was written under the influence of big pharma.They see vitamins and herbs as a threat to their profit.Because Codex is a UN ruling it supercedes our Law.NDI is in the works by the FDA,it is trying to subvert the intent Of the Diet And Supplement Act of 1994.The intent of the Act was to gurantee your right to healthy vitamins and herbs.Contact your legislators to get these threats to your right to choose for yourself changed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

how to prosper in this day and age

As America comes more and more under control of corporate power(through the use of lobbyists,changing laws to their favor),average Americans are losing out.Slowly but surely your constitutional rights are being eroded.The government is largely controlled by large corporate donors.The little guy does not have much of a voice because the politicians follow the money.We must rein in the large corporations.Join Public Citzen they are fighting for your rights.Switch from the large banks to credit unions.Pay off your debt.Start your own small business.Invest in Gold,Silver, and commodities(with inflation they will tend to increase in price).Musical instruments tend to increase in price eg. quality guitars.Live beneath your means.The people that are trying to control America can only function in the dark shine the light of social media on them.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Becoming Aware

With the rise of plutocracy in the United States it is easy to get cynical.The big players control the media ,so we have defacto censorship.The dollar is losing value.Our representives are gridlocked.Much of the gridlock is caused by the lobbists that represent the interests of big money.The Pentagon trys to build fear of terrorism to justify increasing budgets.Government agencies (eg. FDA,SEC) are corrupted by the big money interests,and do not protect the people.With all this it is easy to become hypnotized by outer appearances,and lose sight of Divine Essence.The Universe is a world of law,and will only let things get just so far out of balance before its brings the world back to balance.Take time to be still and let divinity guide you.Practice Loving /Kindness,feel compassion for all Beings.Practice the Golden Rule.Live with character.Don,t hate the greedy evil people that are trying to destroy this country ,focus your Love on Divinity .Divinity alone will restore balance.

Friday, February 3, 2012

erosion of your rights

As the big players gain more and more control(the military, industrial complex),our rights are being eroded.This is accomplished in many ways.Since the supreme court passed the public citizen ruling the door has been opened for the super pacs.They can make unlimited contributions to make sure politicians pass laws that are favorable to their interests.Since the average person cannot afford the large contributions corporations and the super rich make, they they do not get the same representation. Many government agencies are protecting the interests of the big corporations instead of the general population.The SEC shredded the investigations of Wall street,not one person went to prison.The FDA is trying to push NDI, which would cut back access to healthy vitamins and herbs.The government is secretly and stealthly pressing Codex Alimentarius.This is a UN ruling that violates your sovereign right to purchase vitamins and herbs.The real intent is to protect the profits of the drug companies.The rich are getting richer at our expense.We must stop greedy politicians passing laws that hurt America and strangle the middle class