Saturday, November 19, 2011

quantitative easing

Quantitive easing is the governments term for increasing the money supply,by fiat they just print more money.On the surface this seems ok....but this will cause hugh inflation.The value of your savings will erode.Already the value of a dollar has gone down by a third.In a few years your savings will go down by a hugh proportion. The government is using every accounting trick in the book to keep you from seeing all the inflation.In a few years they will not be able to cover up the inflation and you will realize how much you have lost.Why does the government follow this policy.They are using the cheaper money to pay off government debt.The rate they pay on TIPS(A type of bond where the interest rate is tied into inflation) increases.The amount they have to pay people on Social Security goes up(through COLA ...cost of living increases tied to inflation.By keeping the rate of inflation artificially low we are being cheated out of billions.What can we do:Hold your representives accountable,rein in lobbists,join Public Citizen(they are fighting for your rights)Take action now!BEFORE THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE IS LOST!

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