Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take action now

We are in a very dark time.The economy is down,people are out of work,faith in our government is down.President Eisenhower warned about the situation over fifty years ago.America is an oligarchy.Through lobbyists the big money interests have taken control of the country.Big conglomerates control the media,they don,t want articles that could hurt profits.Why is big Pharma allowed to advertize prescription drugs on TV.It adds millions to the cost of drugs and the average layman is not qualified to know which drugs they should be taking.The drug companys were instrumental in getting Codex Alimentarius passed in the UN.How can a UN law negate our right to choose how to heal ourselves.Codex will take our right to choose vitamins and herbs.I do not want to take toxic drugs.Pressure congress to pass Ron Pauls health freedom act.Write your legislators and the President to rein in the lobbyists .Most of all pray to God almighty to overcome these greedy,evil,hateful people.

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