Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quiet Time

In these stressful times its important to have faith.Many people do not believe in organized religion.I am going to give you a simple technique to tune in to your soul (higher self,atman,etc)You can use this technique with any religion or belief.Sit in straight back chair,feet flat on the floor.Close your eyes,put your attention on your forehead.Breathe in as slowly and deeply as you can.You will reach a state of stillness.Focus your attention on your awareness.Keep breathing as slowly and deeply as you you can for about 15 or 20 min.It will help lessen stress,will make you calm and will deepen your connection to God.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

something is radically wrong

Everywhere you turn things are turning negative.The economy is doing poorly,natural disasters are happening more frequently.Our government is out of touch(they think they can spend their way out of trouble,but the biggest problem is....the country is flat broke)The lobbyist influence the politicians to pass laws that hurt the country , so they can make more profit.We have to take control -vote out politicians that don,t make laws for the betterment of the country,get out of foolish wars,stop selling arms to renegade nations,stop being the worlds policeman(we,re going bankrupt).We must turn back to basic spirituality.Turn to your God pray ,meditate,spend quiet time in stillness....live from the heart, not from the ego.Love all beings,have compassion,put your self in the others shoes,be kind and understanding.