Sunday, February 13, 2011

job security

In this day and age you cannot be sure of job security.To me the only way to be safe is to have your own business.Try to pick something you love and start a home business.Some of the areas I love are:personal fitness training,energy healing,life coach,property maintenance,health and fitness consultant etc.It is easy to start a business in any of these areas.All of these are easy to set up on the internet.It is important to learn about internet marketing.There many books and internet sites to help you learn.The best site I have found is chris farrell membership.If you are interested .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Codex Alimentiarius

The Dietary Supplement and Health Act of 1994 was supposed to insure our right to sup plements and health information.The Pharmaceutical industry did not care for this and helped the UN setup Codex Alimentarius-which will limit our access to supplements and health information.
It is my right to take the herbs ,vitamins,amino acids that I deem necessary to maintain my health.I have Hepatitis C which I have treated with supplements,yoga,exercise,herbs,prayer,meditation,chi gung etc.
My Specialist says I will die of old age not hep c.I am in excellent health,I am very fit ,and I look 12 years younger than I am -I do not want to take toxic pharmaceuticals that have many side effects and are not all that effective.
The Pharmaceutical Industry used their lobbying power to change the law to state that you can,t claim a natural substance can prevent or cure a disease . What a lie. What happened to freedom of choice. Please contact your Senator and Congress person to stop the erosion of our rights