Monday, December 26, 2011

Rein in the Industrial military complex

America is an oligarchy,it is controlled by the big players.Through contributions and the use of their lobbyists they effectively control the country.Time and again the agencies that are supposed to enforce the rules give special treatment to the industries they are supposed to control.The legislators keep making laws that help the rich get richer and keep the middle class down.The wealth of the super rich has exploded,while the middle class has lost ground.Big business has increased profits by eighty percent.They did this by laying off many worker and making the remaining workers increase productivity.We spend more on the military than the rest of the world combined.War is big business.they use scare tactics to justify the increasing budgets.we should not be the worlds policeman.Wake up people the military and the big banks are stealing trillions.We are broke ,we must cut back ,don,t let them con us anymore.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Federal Reserve

It is time to get rid of the Federal Reserve.The federal reserve makes money by creating debt.This and the reckless spending of the politicians has made us the biggest debtor nation in history.We must stop creating debt and have a balanced budget.When the Federal Reserve creates this debt it costs us.(over 5 Trillon of the national debt. is owed to the Federal Reserve.We must live within our means,we must cut out waste.We spend more on the military than the next 14 largest countries put together.We must hold our politicians accountable,and we have to tighten the rules for lobbyists.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

quantitative easing

Quantitive easing is the governments term for increasing the money supply,by fiat they just print more money.On the surface this seems ok....but this will cause hugh inflation.The value of your savings will erode.Already the value of a dollar has gone down by a third.In a few years your savings will go down by a hugh proportion. The government is using every accounting trick in the book to keep you from seeing all the inflation.In a few years they will not be able to cover up the inflation and you will realize how much you have lost.Why does the government follow this policy.They are using the cheaper money to pay off government debt.The rate they pay on TIPS(A type of bond where the interest rate is tied into inflation) increases.The amount they have to pay people on Social Security goes up(through COLA ...cost of living increases tied to inflation.By keeping the rate of inflation artificially low we are being cheated out of billions.What can we do:Hold your representives accountable,rein in lobbists,join Public Citizen(they are fighting for your rights)Take action now!BEFORE THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE IS LOST!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take action now

We are in a very dark time.The economy is down,people are out of work,faith in our government is down.President Eisenhower warned about the situation over fifty years ago.America is an oligarchy.Through lobbyists the big money interests have taken control of the country.Big conglomerates control the media,they don,t want articles that could hurt profits.Why is big Pharma allowed to advertize prescription drugs on TV.It adds millions to the cost of drugs and the average layman is not qualified to know which drugs they should be taking.The drug companys were instrumental in getting Codex Alimentarius passed in the UN.How can a UN law negate our right to choose how to heal ourselves.Codex will take our right to choose vitamins and herbs.I do not want to take toxic drugs.Pressure congress to pass Ron Pauls health freedom act.Write your legislators and the President to rein in the lobbyists .Most of all pray to God almighty to overcome these greedy,evil,hateful people.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quiet Time

In these stressful times its important to have faith.Many people do not believe in organized religion.I am going to give you a simple technique to tune in to your soul (higher self,atman,etc)You can use this technique with any religion or belief.Sit in straight back chair,feet flat on the floor.Close your eyes,put your attention on your forehead.Breathe in as slowly and deeply as you can.You will reach a state of stillness.Focus your attention on your awareness.Keep breathing as slowly and deeply as you you can for about 15 or 20 min.It will help lessen stress,will make you calm and will deepen your connection to God.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

something is radically wrong

Everywhere you turn things are turning negative.The economy is doing poorly,natural disasters are happening more frequently.Our government is out of touch(they think they can spend their way out of trouble,but the biggest problem is....the country is flat broke)The lobbyist influence the politicians to pass laws that hurt the country , so they can make more profit.We have to take control -vote out politicians that don,t make laws for the betterment of the country,get out of foolish wars,stop selling arms to renegade nations,stop being the worlds policeman(we,re going bankrupt).We must turn back to basic spirituality.Turn to your God pray ,meditate,spend quiet time in from the heart, not from the ego.Love all beings,have compassion,put your self in the others shoes,be kind and understanding.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

job security

In this day and age you cannot be sure of job security.To me the only way to be safe is to have your own business.Try to pick something you love and start a home business.Some of the areas I love are:personal fitness training,energy healing,life coach,property maintenance,health and fitness consultant etc.It is easy to start a business in any of these areas.All of these are easy to set up on the internet.It is important to learn about internet marketing.There many books and internet sites to help you learn.The best site I have found is chris farrell membership.If you are interested .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Codex Alimentiarius

The Dietary Supplement and Health Act of 1994 was supposed to insure our right to sup plements and health information.The Pharmaceutical industry did not care for this and helped the UN setup Codex Alimentarius-which will limit our access to supplements and health information.
It is my right to take the herbs ,vitamins,amino acids that I deem necessary to maintain my health.I have Hepatitis C which I have treated with supplements,yoga,exercise,herbs,prayer,meditation,chi gung etc.
My Specialist says I will die of old age not hep c.I am in excellent health,I am very fit ,and I look 12 years younger than I am -I do not want to take toxic pharmaceuticals that have many side effects and are not all that effective.
The Pharmaceutical Industry used their lobbying power to change the law to state that you can,t claim a natural substance can prevent or cure a disease . What a lie. What happened to freedom of choice. Please contact your Senator and Congress person to stop the erosion of our rights