Friday, March 24, 2017

Preventative Health

How The Elite Works

When the elite wants something ,they flood the media with false information.They also use lobbyists to pressure politicians.A good case in point is the pressure to bomb Iran.There is nothing to be gained bombing Iran.If they had a nuclear weapon,they have no way to deliver it.We have hundreds of nuclear weapons and the missles to deliver them.their annihilation would be assured.They elite is trying to make it seem that there is eminent danger,so they can build pressure to bomb Iran.Do not be fooled ,their real aim is world domination,to feed their greed and need for power.

Medicinal Value Of Food And Nutrients

The FDA has a Ruling that states that you can,t claim that food ,nutrients or herbs can prevent or cure a disease.If you do make such claims then that substance would be considered a drug and would have to under go the same testing as drugs.This ruling is essentially to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.Many foods have natural medicinal value,and many drugs are isolated  from natural herbs.The FDA should let the nutrition industry use the latest scientific evidence  as the standard.There are many foods that help keep you healthy and prevent disease.Some examples are:Blueberries for brain function,fish oil for heart health,cherry juice for bladder frequency.Many herbs and vitamins help keep you healthy for example:Celery Seed helps keep your system alkaline,Alpha Lipoic is a stong antioxident and helps reconstitute Glutathione,Schizandra helps protect the Liver.Natural treatment helps give us control of our health.Contact your legislator to change this unfair policy.Natural treatment is the cheapest and easiest way to control health care costs.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The State Of My Being
The last few years have been difficult.I seem to be moving forward in my general life situation,but I don,t seem to have a sense of my life purpose.I have spent forty years trying to grow spiritually,but there does not seem to be any real meaning to life.I am content,but not really happy.I have been by myself for a long time.I think the meaning of life is love.I though that I could find Love  by being one with God and Loving all of creation.I think we need to Love other Humans.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

FDA Abuse Of Power

When the Diet and Supplement Act was passed in 1994,it was supposed to protect your right to buy
vitamins,herbs,and nutraseuticals.The FDA has always had a bias against natural healing.They have done everything possible to make hard to practice preventive care with diet,exercise herbs and vitamins.The way they have gotten around the Diet and Supplement Act is throught regulation.The two Senators who sponsored the DSA said the FDA was violating the law,the FDA ignored them.One example of how they use regulation to get around the law:if a pharmaceutical company publishes a paper  on  a nutritional ingredient the FDA blocks your access to that nutrient.You are not supposed to be able to patent a natural substance,but  the FDA lets big Pharma do it anyway to protect  profit.

This is part of  a larger problem where America  is a oligarchy that is controlled by lobbyists  representing the government,the military and big business(especially international bankers).America is broke ,we are running trillion dollar deficits every year.As the debt grows so does the interest,that has to be paid  first or we default.

We must elect representatives that represent the people not the plutocracy.We must pass a balanced budget and live within our means We also need a new monetary system,we have to get rid of fractional reserve banking.We need a system based on real value( eg : Gold), Not just creating debt.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Amazing Book I Just Read

I just finished reading  The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.I was only into the book about 20 pages and my blood was boiling.The book tells the story of the Federal Reserve and how it came into existence.The federal reserve is really a quasi government agency.In reality it is a banking cartel that is out to protect the interests of the major banks ,not the interests of the people of  the United States.They are well on the way to bankrupting the country.At the end of the book the author outlines  the steps we must take to save the country.I was furious all the way throught the book,I never imagined the level of corruption,its beyond my wildest imagination.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

       food as the best medicine


Many times when I have minor health problems I treat them with food .Some examples are as follows.

Tart Cherries for over active bladder

Ginger as A anti-inflammatory

Celery and Cherries for gout

Cranberries and D-Mannose for bladder infections

Peppermint Oil  on temples for headaches

Asparagus for kidney health

Dandelions for Liver and Gall bladder

Lemon  juice to detox Liver

Bananas ,Brown Rice for Diarrhea

Tea Tree Oil  for skin infection

Green Tea anti-inflammator

I have used  all of these with success at one time or another